A Guide To Phase 1 Of The HCG Diet

LAST MODIFIED: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Phase 1 of the hCG diet is also referred to as the ‘loading phase’.

Often people plan to skip this phase and get right into the calorie restricted phases of the hCG Diet but that is not the recommended course of action.

This article examines the reasons you need to complete the loading phase and some food suggestions to ensure you really enjoy it!

hCG Diet Phase 1

Why you need the Loading Phase

The loading phase of the hCG diet will cause your metabolic rate to increase and helps your hypothalamus to enter into a new routine that prepares you for weight loss. This phase is essential for enhancing your weight loss later on and should under no circumstances be skipped.


What does Phase 1 Involve?

For two days, you’re going to eat as many calories as you can. At the same time, your hCG treatment begins. You should ensure that you are in good health and women should time this phase to begin at least 5 days before menstruation and no sooner than two days after the onset of menstruation.

CakeKeep yourself as full as you can and binge on carbohydrates as much as you like. The more calories there are in what you eat, the better and the best part is that it’s conscience-free. If you don’t munch like mad, you’re not going to get the best results from your diet. From now on, you’re going to be weighing yourself every day and recording the results.

Here are some meal ideas and examples for the loading phase:



Eat a fatty full English breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage and buttery toast. Enjoy an omelet smothered with cheese or enjoy a fatty breakfast fry-up with a clear conscience.



While you’re loading, you can indulge in pastries to your heart’s content, so why not enjoy a doughnut or a slice of cake piled with whipped cream?



Indulge in fatty meat such as a pork chop and team it up with decadent potato and veggies drenched with oodles of butter. If you’re having bread, spread the butter on nice and thickly.



Keep up your momentum with something sugary and fattening like ice cream or a bar of chocolate. Enjoy!



Why not eat a cheesy pasta with a creamy sauce? It’s going to help you to lose weight later. If you’re going to eat fruit, let it be avocado and have garlic bread with the meal just to add to the calorie count. How about your favorite sweet dessert? Go for it!


Snack before bedtime

We all know one shouldn’t snack before bed time, but on your two loading days, anything goes. Have a sinful late night snack like potato crisps or some more ice cream. Perhaps this would be a good time to eat a slice of cake with thick, sugary icing. Spoil yourself!

Unfortunately, after Phase 1 comes Phase 2, and the party is definitely over! At least you will have some fond memories to think back to and a slimmer, healthier self to look forward to.