Advantages of a Doctor Supervised HCG Diet

LAST MODIFIED: Monday, April 3, 2023

When starting the hCG diet, should you see a specialized doctor? Or should you ‘go it alone’?

What are the benefits of completing the protocol under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner?

These are the questions we will examine and answer in this article.


What is a ‘HCG Diet Doctor’

If you’re planning to make radical changes to your body and lifestyle, it’s always advisable to consult with a doctor. Obviously, the hCG diet is one of those drastic changes that you would be best advised to tackle with the help and advice of a medical professional. Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many doctors that have experience in supervising an hCG diet. However, thanks to the growing popularity of the hCG diet there are several clinics and online programs that make use of doctors to advise and support dieters.


What are the benefits of consulting an hCG doctor

First and foremost, working with a doctor helps you to know that what you’re doing is safe. Everyone is different and following generic programs might not be for you. A doctor can advise you if the hCG diet protocol should be modified for your individual needs and physical health in order to minimize the chance of side effects.

You’re also likely to get better results. Going it alone can be difficult, but being able to access a doctor and/or diet coach when the going gets tough gives you the necessary support to see the program through. You’re less likely to give up halfway and more likely to lose the weight you’d like to get off if you’ve got to report to the doc from time to time!

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Going for regular doctors’ appointments can be pretty expensive and time consuming, but these days you can find anything on the internet – even a doctor. Telemedicine is an established practice that has saved lives, particularly when patients live in remote areas. It can also be applied to the supervision of an hCG diet, allowing you to get the benefit of doctor’s advice from the comfort of your own home. Internet-based hCG diets that utilize this technology are available.


What about using informational websites?

This is not a good idea. In the first place, there’s no interpersonal contact that can help give you personalized tips and guidance. In the second place, it’s all generic information. That might mean that it could work for most people, but would it work for you?

A scientific study applied two approaches to internet based weight loss programs and measured the results. Those who simply received generic information lost significantly less weight than the group who were subject to interaction via email in which participants reported on their progress and received individualized feedback. All participants were on the same program and received the same basic information at the start of the trial.