Does HCG Work For Weight Loss?

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Does HCG Work for Weight Loss?

HCG has been used for weight loss since as early as the 1950’s. The secret to its weight loss benefits actually begin with its role during pregnancy. HCG ensures healthy growth of the developing fetus and in doing so, will utilize the mothers fat stores to feed the baby if there is a food shortage. If you inject yourself with HCG and at the same to follow a carefully planned diet, you trick your body into acting in a similar way and burning your fat stores.

The internet is full of testimonials of people who have had great results with HCG and many doctors are now integrating it into their practice to assist overweight patients. But did you know that you need a doctors prescription to actually buy pure HCG online?

Dr Oz HCG Dr Oz has covered the HCG diet in detail on his popular television show several times.

As you can see from the magazine cover shown in the image, people have achieved weight loss of 1 lb per day using the HCG diet featured on The Doctor OZ Show.

The HCG diet has been dubbed the ‘Pregnancy Hormone Diet’ due to the increase in HCG hormone levels that occurs naturally in pregnant women.

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