How To Do HCG Diet Phase 1 (Top 13 Questions Answered)

LAST MODIFIED: Monday, April 3, 2023

You’re ready to embark on your exciting weight loss journey by tackling the HCG diet, and Phase 1 marks the beginning of getting your new body.  But what can you expect from the Loading Phase and how will it help you to start dropping the pounds?

The first part of the Loading Phase begins Day 1 of the HCG Diet where you immediately start taking your HCG drops or injections as directed.  Although this phase is only a mere two days long, it’s extremely important that you don’t skip this step and you comply to protocol to get the best results possible throughout the entire HCG injections program.

Now down to the “meat and potatoes” part of Phase 1…

The purpose of this phase is to eat as many calories as possible throughout the loading days.  Don’t get too excited just yet since it only lasts 48 hours.  You’ll want to eat high-calorie carbohydrates and fatty foods to supply your body with full glycogen stores to start off the fat-burning process in high gear.  Feel free to give yourself permission to put the pizza delivery guy on speed dial, eat ice-cream out of the carton, and slab some butter on rolls, pancakes, and Texas toast!

No you haven’t accidentally been re-directed to some other page.  Here’s how the chemistry works between you, food, and HCG in the first two days by loading up on high calorie-dense foods.

HCG is extremely effective when there’s large amounts of available adipose tissue (fat).  By loading up on calorie dense foods during the loading days, you’re allowing HCG to enter your system to be ready to aid weight loss by the time it becomes effective.

The loading days ensure that your healthy fat reserves are replenished and intact.

Once this is accomplished, the body immediately allows the release of fixed, abnormal fat deposits, i.e. the fat that makes you flabby.

Overloaded glycogen stores plus the release of fat-burning hormones equals a high and intense metabolic rate to start off your HCG fat-burning diet.  You start off strong from the very beginning to keep up the fast rate of weight loss throughout the entire program as you support your goals with all the phases of the HCG diet.


Top 13 Questions You May Have About Phase 1

  1. What kinds of food should I stock up on for the Loading Phase?

You’ll want eat as much as you can during the 48 hours of the loading days and this can be achieved by consuming carbohydrates and high-fat foods.

The fastest way to consume these high calorie foods is to stock up on meats such as sausage, hamburger, fried pork and chicken.  You can also feel guilt-free as you add some starches like potatoes and potato chips, as well as pastries and desserts.


2. When should I start my HCG routine and what if I forget to start on the loading days?
You will start your HCG regimen the first day of Phase 1 which is the beginning of the loading days.  You will continue to take your HCG as directed every day through each phase until you’re ready to begin Maintenance in Phase 4.

If you started your loading days and forgot to start taking your HCG, stop all efforts, wait seven days and start Phase 1 again to get the best results possible throughout the entire HCG diet program.


3. What kind of beverages can I drink during Phase 1?
Feel free to drink what you wish during the loading days, even an alcoholic beverage is okay.  Maintain concentration on consuming high calorie foods to produce well-supplied glycogen stores.


4. Can the HCG diet work for men too?
Yes.  HCG is found in all human beings, males and non-pregnant women included.  HCG is actually very effective for men since it can enhance the efficiency of testosterone and uses testosterone to help burn fat, increase likelihood for lean muscle gain, and improve energy levels.


5. Will taking the HCG injections hurt?
The needles recommended to correctly apply HCG injections are very fine.  This type of needle and with proper injection application can provide little to no pain and discomfort at all.


6. What does the hypothalamus have to do with the loading phase?
This gland in the brain regulates many biological processes that directly affects your ability to lose weight during the HCG diet.

It manages your thyroid, fat storage, adrenals, and sets your metabolic rate which are all extremely relevant factors in your weight loss goals.  During the loading phase, the fat storage levels are measured so that the pituitary gland releases the right amount of hormones to set a metabolic rate appropriate enough to burn off fat for energy production.

The loading phase sets a high standard from the beginning to kick-start your hormones for a high running metabolism when HCG is being incorporated into the diet.


7. Does my menstrual cycle affect when I start the HCG diet?
Yes.  You’ll want to appropriately time when you want to start the HCG diet.  Don’t start any sooner than 48 hours after your cycle has started or five days prior to the beginning of your next expected cycle.


8. Can I skimp on or skip this phase?
No.  Not following this phase or any phase of the HCG diet with the strictest adherence to protocol can sabotage your potential to maximize weight loss during the diet.

If you don’t consume enough high calorie dense foods during the loading phase or if you skip this step entirely, you’ll be more prone to negative side effects such as low energy, nausea, hunger pangs, increased appetite, irritability, and weakness during Phase 2, the Low Calorie Diet.


9. Can having a health problem such as diabetes or hypoglycemia affect my results on the HCG diet?
Many people with health problems have very successful weight loss results from the HCG diet.

However, because health problems can have a direct relationship with hormones and diet, it is highly recommended that you make medical adjustments as necessary advised by your HCG doctor.


10. Won’t I gain weight during the loading days?
Don’t be alarmed if you see the scale go up two to five pounds in the first day.  This is mostly bloat and water retention from the high calorie foods that are recommended during the loading days.

It may be distressing to see you’ve gained weight from the get-go, but by following the HCG diet protocol including the directions for Phase 1 will result in those pounds being lost again quickly.


11. Will dieting in the past affect my weight loss results during the HCG diet?
Dieters who struggle with being overweight or obese have most likely diminished their healthy fat reserves which are normal fat stores needed for the body to derive energy from when calorie intake is at a minimum.

This is replaced with abnormal fat deposits that are tougher to get rid of, but with HCG, the body can target this fat to be burned off.


12. Should I extend the length of Phase 1 if I am very overweight?
The recommended length for the loading period is two days.  If you’re thinking you can benefit more from a longer period of loading or even changing certain aspects of it in any way, it should be discussed with your HCG doctor.


13. What can I expect by the time the loading days are over?
You’re probably going to feel very ready to start the low calorie diet after two full days of gorging on fatty foods.  This actually works in your favor and sets you up to feel satiated and energetic as HCG works into your system.

Now it’s time to put all your effort, motivation, and positivity into the HCG diet and starting off with the loading phase is no exception.  Soon you’ll have that healthy and “flab-u-less” body staring back at you in the mirror.

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