How To Do HCG Diet Phase 3 (Top 13 Questions Answered)

LAST MODIFIED: Monday, April 3, 2023

Congratulations on making it to Phase 3 of the HCG program, the Diet Break.

Whatever state of mind you have right now, it’s time to cement your new metabolic rate and take measures to keep the weight off for good! But what can you expect and what are you to do during the diet break?

Far from being the kind of break where you totally abandon all the healthy habits you’ve learned so far, you’ll actually maintain your HCG meal plan and increase your calories with some additional specific food items. You now have the chance to celebrate this increase in calories for the next three weeks. A bit of starch here and an extra portion of protein there is what you can look forward to.

Going from 800 calories a day to 1500-2000 calories can seem a bit overwhelming but it’s very much needed at this point. Your body is now ready for the extra nourishment from food and it needs this increase in calories to prevent an accidental reduced metabolic rate.

How will your metabolism respond?

Instead of fizzling down and tiring out from six weeks of fat burning, it’s going to remain fired up to stay in fat burning mode because of the immediate increase in healthy calories. Although you’re eating an additional 700 calories or so, you’re actually doing more for your weight loss goals than trying to indefinitely remain in Phase 2.

During Phase 3 you can expect to see:

  • reset metabolism
  • stabilized blood sugars
  • optimized insulin activity
  • increased energy
  • maintained weight loss

The Diet Break is also all about perspective. Using this phase as a time to prepare yourself for life “post-HCG” can give you an idea of how well you’ll maintain your healthy habits and weight loss.

Phase 3 of the HCG diet program is pretty straightforward: eat a little more, eat sensibly, and let your body do the work.


Top 13 Questions About Phase 3 You May Have

1. What kinds of starchy carbs should I eat on the Diet Break?

Introducing the new and approved items in Phase 3 are healthy foods that the body will utilize to continue burning fat and maintain weight loss. You’ll want to consume about 40 grams of the starchy foods plus an extra portion of protein a day in addition to your regular HCG meal regime.

  • 1 cup (cooked): Quinoa, Rice, Oatmeal, Beans, Pasta
  • 2 slices: Whole Wheat Bread
  • 1 medium: Potato


2. I don’t want to eat starchy carbs. Do I have to?
Don’t be afraid of healthy carbs and starches. Not all calories are made equal, and the approved HCG foods are by far the superior calorie choice. The body needs healthy carbs to not only survive but to also function at its very best.

Hormones stay balanced and the metabolism keeps its fat burning speed when you supply it with the complex carbs needed to provide proper nutrition and energy. You’ll also be preparing the body to accept these types of foods after the HCG diet is completed and still be able to facilitate weight loss based on reintroducing these carbs now.


3. I’m afraid to gain weight during Phase 3. What should I do?
Many people don’t gain any extra weight during the Diet Break. The body responds to the increased calories with maintaining the ferocity of the metabolism to continue burning fat for energy, even during the Diet Break.

If you find that your weight increases more than two pounds, try the Apple or Steak Day to boost weight loss again.


4. Should I start an exercise routine now?
Yes you can start a moderate exercise routine during Phase 3. It’s encouraged to help maintain weight loss and to also instill a healthy thirst for an active lifestyle. It is important to remember that strenuous exercise is discouraged during the HCG Injections diet program, so don’t overdo it.


5. I am a diabetic and I’m supposed to avoid starchy carbs. What should I do?
Many diabetics and those that suffer from health problems find that some of their struggles with health and diet often solve themselves during the HCG diet.

With guidance and advice from your HCG doctor, you can come up with an alternative meal plan, adjust medications as necessary, and carefully monitor the effect of certain food items as you consume them.


6. Can I prolong Phase 2 or skip Phase 3 entirely?
No. Trying to lengthen the low calorie diet beyond six weeks becomes very detrimental to your weight loss and progress you’ve made so far.

By continuing to function on extremely low calories for longer than advised will put your body into starvation mode. This will trigger hormones to alert the body to stop burning fat and start saving it instead.

You’ll go from fat burning ketosis mode to induced starvation mode. You’ll not only be starving and compromising your diet, you’ll also gain more weight back faster than ever before. Instead start and complete Phase 3 and if you still need to lose more weight, repeat Phase 2.


7. Does my HCG regimen change in any way during the Diet Break?
No. You will continue to take your HCG injections as directed throughout Phase 3.


8. Will increasing my calorie intake increase my appetite?
No. In fact you’re going to experience the opposite effect. Although it may seem like the more you’re eating, the more you’ll crave, it’s not the case.

Even though you’re increasing your caloric intake, you’re still only eating approved HCG healthy foods that the body can efficiently and productively use up for fat burning fuel. You’ll be satiated longer and won’t have any hunger pangs.


9. I have less than 15 pounds to lose. Should I do another round of Phase 2?
It’s not recommended to use the low calorie diet for less than 15 pounds. HCG works best when there’s large amounts of available adipose tissue. However, there are other options you can utilize to get rid of those last hard-to-lose pounds.


10. I still have more than 15 pounds to lose. Where do I go from here?
Speak to your HCG Doctor regarding your best plan of action. Sometimes another round of Phase 2 is recommended, however that would be up to your Doctor to determine.

Making sure you have completed the Diet Break properly is especially important so that your metabolism resets and gets the nutrition it needs to support your continued weight loss in Phase 2.


11. Is it normal to feel ‘fizzled’ out by the time I need to start the Diet Break?
Many people experience a feeling of euphoria by the time they’re ready to start Phase 3. But there are also many who are especially in tune with their body’s need to replenish and recuperate their nutritional needs and this could be you.

Feeling fizzled out is normal and it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong during Phase 2.


12. Do I continue my non-food habits during Phase 3?
Yes. Continue to weigh yourself daily, track your food in your journal, and take your measurements. Keeping up with these good habits will help you to maintain accountability long after the HCG diet is done.


13. What should I do if I feel anxious about completing the Diet Break?
Speak to your Doctor or the support team at the company you purchased your HCG from.

Spending time around friends and family who are supportive of your weight loss goals and healthy eating choices is especially helpful when you’re unsure about continuing a healthy diet after completion of the HCG diet.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support online or off.


It’s important to remember that Phase 3 is a continuation of your weight loss goals. You’re allowing your body to recognize your new weight and your improved metabolic rate so that you can keep your transformed body and healthy lifestyle long after you’ve successfully completed the HCG diet program.

If you’re serious about staying slim and keeping the weight off, don’t be afraid to embrace the protocol the Diet Break has to offer!