What are the Phases of the hCG diet?

LAST MODIFIED: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

If you’re planning to try the hCG diet, it’s essential that you should follow the phases of the diet carefully.

Trying to skip one can seriously ruin your effort to lose weight.

Preparing your mind for the diet before you begin is a good start and in order to do that, you need to know what these diet phases consist of.

Here’s a brief outline:


4 Phases of the hCG Diet:

1) Loading phase

As soon as you start your hCG treatment you should start with the Loading Phase. Although eating as much as you can might sound strange as part of a weight loss program, this phase is essential to the success of your hCG diet. Get out there and eat as much as you can of everything you like for two days.


2) Start the low calorie dietHCG Diet Phases

Make sure that you have all the details as to what your diet should consist of and start on the low calorie diet. Be careful not to over or under-do it. You will be eating according to your calorie restricted program for no less than 3 and no more than 5 weeks. You will be eating set serving sizes of meat, vegetables and fruit only. Drink lots of water and avoid all dairy products. During this phase you will be consuming between 500-1200 calories a day depending on your doctors recommendations, just one of the many reasons the hCG diet is best done with a doctors supervision.


3) Diet break

After the rigors of phase 2, this ‘Diet Break‘ portion of the diet will come as a relief to you. Your calorie restriction is now 1500 – 2000 calories per day and you will be introducing carbohydrates into one meal per day. You’re also allowed a small amount of butter or vegetable oil along with the fruits, meats and veggies you ate during phase 2. It is important to sustain this phase for three weeks before entering the next phase.


4) Transition and Maintenance

During the ‘maintenance phase‘, you will discover what your maintenance calorie allowance should be. This is the amount that you should eat in order to maintain your weight without either losing or gaining any more weight. You will gradually increase calories over a period of up to seven weeks depending on your personal maintenance calorie allowance. When you reach that level, you simply continue to maintain it to keep the weight you lost during the diet off. It makes sense that you will have to make some long-term changes as returning to the diet that resulted in the weight problems in the first place will certainly undo your efforts.


It is important not to enter into the hCG diet program without thorough preparation, a doctors supervision and an understanding of the diet phases. Take the time to learn about the reasons for completing each phase and allowed foods. Create a meal plan for each phase and shop ahead of time. Preparation will be the key to your success.