What Results Can Be Achieved With the hCG Diet?

LAST MODIFIED: Monday, April 3, 2023

Taking a good look at what people say during and after the hCG diet offers some tantalizing facts.

Most say they lost a whole lot of weight during the diet and lost it fast as long as they stuck to the diet and persevered with the hCG.

So what results are reasonable for you to expect to receive?

Lets take a look.


hCG Diet Results

Weight Loss

On average, it would seem that most people expect to lose up to 7 pounds a week on this diet, but of course, that depends on how much fat you had to burn in the first place. It certainly seems like you can expect to go down a couple of clothing sizes, so be ready to shop if you take to this diet.

One thing that really stands out is that every phase of the diet is vitally important to success and you should be ready to use the diet as a springboard to healthier eating after the diet has finished. A look at the reviews reveals that those who regained weight after the diet invariably returned to high carb, high fat diets and although this makes them say the hCG diet is a bad idea, it seems rather obvious that their dietary habits may be to blame.


Improved Health

We should all remember that obesity is a leading cause of illnesses and even death, so losing those extra pounds and inches is an investment in your future. Many of the people who completed the diet report that their blood pressure is lower, thus reducing their risk of cardiovascular illnesses and heart failure. Patients who were using blood pressure medications often found that doctors were able to withdraw these medications thanks to their weight loss. In addition, weight loss helps to prevent type 2 diabetes, a condition with a clear link to obesity. A healthier body enhances quality of life by helping you to feel more energetic and full of get up and go.


Improved ConfidencehCG Diet Results

Being overweight is the ultimate blow to one’s body confidence. It doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t look good. Knowing you don’t look good affects one’s overall confidence to the degree where some people dread having to go out. Having a day at the beach becomes a nightmare when you notice stares from passers-by, so most overweight people feel the need to cover up as much as possible. The hCG diet has enhanced the quality of life of many since the weight loss helps them to feel good about themselves and how they look. One woman says she actually burst into tears because she was so overjoyed about buying a skirt in size 10 after many years of obesity.


How Much Weight Can You Reasonably Expect to Lose?

The reported results are in line with Dr Simeon’s research results. Most dieters lose 1 – 2 pounds per day and the minimum you should expect is ½ a pound of daily weight loss.