Buy HCG Injections Online in 2022 – Real Pharmaceutical Grade (Made in USA)

Did you know you can purchase genuine HCG injections (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) online?

We have investigated all your options and listed our recommended suppliers right here.

This is some of the criteria we used in our vetting process:

  • Must provide pure medical grade HCG made in a licensed US pharmacy
  • No prior prescription is needed to order
  • Mixing and injecting instructions should be provided
  • Telemedicine consultation fee should be included in advertised price
  • HCG medication should be in powdered form and come with all mixing supplies
  • Information about the diet protocol should be provided
  • Your personal and financial details should be kept private and secure

The below companies fulfill this strict criterion best. We have listed some of the features and a price comparison of each. I recommend comparing the two to determine which best suits your needs.


UPDATE: The FDA has made some changes to the labeling of HCG affecting its availability from compounding pharmacies. This means that stocks of HCG are now very limited and often completely unavailable. Check out NAD+ injections and Semaglutide injections as viable alternatives.


Company NameProtocol Length
My Diet Doc28 & 56 DaysORDER NOW
NuImage MedicalNo longer availableUNAVAILABLE



US HCG Shots

This company has been around since 2007 and have been a trusted name in American-made HCG products for many years. Enrolling in their program is very simple and a doctor will review your information before approving your prescription and sending it to the pharmacy to be filled.

The physician they have on staff has over 19 years experience and is available for telephone and secure online consultation. In addition they:

  • Only sell HCG injections made in licensed US pharmacies
  • Provide all mixing, injecting and diet instructions
  • Are competitively priced
  • Offer both 28 and 56 day HCG kits
  • Offer B12 and/or Lipo formula pre-mixed with your HCG purchase (one less shot to take)
  • Have an express shipping option for fast delivery
  • Offer payment via eCheck

UPDATE: Because HCG is becoming hard to get from the pharmacies (due to changing regulations), US HCG Shots now offers NAD+ Injections (check them out here).

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My Diet Doc

Providing a holistic approach to the HCG protocol, My Diet Doc offers everything you need to achieve your weight loss goals. A team of experienced medical staff, products to support your energy throughout and even an Partnered Meal Plans to keep you eating well throughout the entire protocol (and beyond).

With affordable prices on USA made products and excellent customer service, My Diet Doc is a company you can trust. In addition they:

  • Offer the best everyday prices on USA made HCG
  • Take your personal privacy seriously
  • Have the option of oral weight loss products for those adverse to injections
  • Offer a great range of supportive products
  • Have an easy to use website and simple ordering process
  • And experienced staff that really care!

UPDATE: Because HCG is becoming hard to get from the pharmacies (due to changing regulations), My Diet Doc now offers Semaglutide Injections, check them out here.

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NuImage Medical

NuImage Medical is another trusted name in HCG with a huge team of experts ready to make the ordering process, diet protocol and medication administration as hassle-free for you as possible.

Because of the support they offer, NuImage is an excellent choice for newbies to the HCG injection protocol who desire support and guidance. Even the huge range of add-on products they offer are there to help make your life on the diet easier. In addition they:

  • Only deal with licensed US pharmacies who produce HCG to the highest standards
  • Provide access to all instructions necessary, from dosing to dietary guidelines
  • Have many recipes and tips included in the advertised fee
  • Also offer prescription grade drops and oral pellets for those squeamish about injections
  • Have a great range of supporting products including lipo shots and protein shakes

NOTE: NuImage no longer stocks HCG products.


In addition to all of the features outlined above, both of these companies have secure websites and are HIPAA compliant. Not sure why that is important? Read on, my friend!


4 Benefits to Buying Online

1. Fast and easy – no office visits!

Perhaps the biggest benefit to any online purchase is the ease at which you can pick a product and get it sent right to your home – without ever setting foot out of your door! It is no different with purchasing supplies for the HCG protocol.

For both providers listed here, the process is fast and simple. You simply select the service you would like to receive, complete the required health questionnaire and make payment. A doctor will review your medical information and schedule a short consultation via phone or skype. That means you get the security of being assessed by a qualified physician, without having to visit a doctor’s office! This has the added bonus of saving you on consultation fees too!


2. Affordable!

There is no denying that opting to enrol in an online weight loss program will save you money. For example:

  • Online HCG: $220-$320 per month (including all supplies and consultations)
  • Local Clinic: $450-$1200 per month


3. No prior prescription needed!

Although both companies only provide real prescription HCG – you don’t need to have a prescription from your local doctor before you order! That is because during the enrolment process you complete your medical information and have a telemedicine (phone/skype) consultation with a prescribing physician. If the physician decides that you are eligible for the protocol, they will write you a prescription and send it to the pharmacy to be filled on your behalf.


4. Support – yes, really!

You might be surprised by this one, but I do believe that another benefit to purchasing your kit online is the superior level of support you will receive. It is understandable to assume that when you purchase online you might not get as much support as you would at a local clinic. I would argue the opposite. Here’s why:

Most local clinics will require you to make a consultation with the doctor each time you have a question or concern regarding the protocol. Unlike online providers, they don’t have a support team ready at your beck-and-call via phone, email or live chat.

With an online HCG provider, there is no limit to how many times you can get in contact. Chances are someone will be waiting ready to answer your questions.


11 Questions to Ask Before You Buy HCG

1. How do I know the HCG is real?

Both providers listed here use licensed US pharmacies to source their Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. In fact, when you receive your kit, you will notice that the name and phone number of the pharmacy that the HCG was produced in is right there on the vial! You can also request sample purity reports if you wish.


2. Should I purchase HCG made in the USA?

Yes! In my opinion this is the better way to go. Pharmacies licensed in the US must meet strict manufacturing guidelines and use FDA approved ingredients. You have no real way of knowing what standards a medication sourced from overseas are manufactured to, how potent it is or even how pure.

Don’t forget you are injecting this medication into your body. Is that a gamble you are willing to take?


3. What about cheap HCG from overseas?

There is no doubting that the cheapest HCG injections come from overseas, and if cheap is your only concern, this may be a source you will consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you commit to a purchase:

  • Delivery times are often delayed and generally the company makes no assurances that the product will pass customs and get to you.
  • Overseas providers use overseas payment processors. Do you really know who is getting access to your financial details?
  • As already mentioned, quality assurance guidelines will differ compared to within US pharmacies.


4. Is it legal to buy HCG online?

Yes! But for quality assurance, make sure you are only buying it from a company who deals with licensed US pharmacies.


5. Should I go to a local HCG Clinic instead?

This is entirely personal preference. Some people prefer the face-to-face aspect of visiting a doctor’s office, others like the convenience of having everything done over the phone and email from home.

As previously mentioned, I believe the support you have access to with an online provider can sometimes exceed what you would expect to receive from a local clinic – so don’t let that be your reason for staying local!

Another obvious advantage to shopping online is price. A ring-around of local weight loss clinics reveals that you might pay anywhere from $450 to a whopping $1200 per month to participate in their HCG diet program! Compare that to the prices below…


6. What is the cost of online HCG?

The price of the kits ranges from approximately $220 to $320 per month depending on which program you enrol in. This price includes your telemedicine consultation, all medical supplies, guidelines, recipes, tips and unlimited support. It doesn’t include shipping.


7. Which length kit do I need?

This really depends on what your weight loss goals are. Typically, the companies will offer a 3-week program, and then a longer duration program lasting from about 6 weeks (NuImage) to 8 weeks (US HCG Shots). As a general guideline, if your aim is to lose up to 15 lbs you might opt for the shorter length kit. If you would like to lose over 15 lbs one of the longer kits will be your best bet.

Remember, the longer kits are much better value then buying 2 of the 3-week kits so if you can, set yourself up to succeed by going with the 6 or 8-week kit from the start.


8. What about all these add-ons! Do I need them?

B12, Lipo Shots, protein shakes… you will be offered so many add-on products when you enrol in an HCG diet program, but do you really need them? Honestly, no. You can certainly have success with the diet without the extras, BUT, I do believe they can make the whole process A LOT easier for you.

  • Low on energy? The B12 injections might give you a nice boost in energy helping you get through your day with ease.
  • Sluggish liver? Lipotropic injections help boost liver function to get you detoxing and burning fat more effectively.
  • Stuck for meal ideas? A specially formulated protein shake is a handy tool to have on hand when you don’t have the time or motivation to create a diet-friendly meal. It may just help keep you on track!

As for the rest of the add-on’s available, I am sure they will be beneficial for some people. If you need to prioritize due to limited funds though, I would stick to any combo of B12, lipo shots and shakes.


9. Can I use HCG drops instead?

Yes, you can, but you need to make sure that the drops contain medical doses of prescription HCG. There are many so-called ‘HCG Drops’ products on the market that actually only contain micro homeopathic doses of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin at best, and zero of the hormone at worst.

Don’t waste your money on those types of products. Both of the providers listed on this page offer prescription HCG drops or pellets at the doses recommended for the HCG diet.


10. Is HCG FDA approved for weight loss?

No, HCG is not approved as a weight loss treatment by the FDA, it is however approved for other medical conditions. When Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is used as part of a weight loss program, it is done so ‘off-label’.

Off-label use of an approved drug is legal and quite a common practice. It means that a qualified healthcare provider can prescribe HCG for weight loss if they feel it is appropriate, despite the medication not being approved for that use. You can read more about off-label drug use on the FDA website.

It is also important to note that the medication itself still comes from an licensed pharmacy that complies with strict manufacturing guidelines and uses FDA approved ingredients.


11. Can’t I just buy HCG over-the-counter?

No, real prescription HCG is not sold over-the-counter. As a prescription medication you will need a prescription to purchase and it will only be available from a pharmacy. Beware of ‘HCG’ products available over-the-counter online and in stores and pay close attention to the ingredients. Bottom line, if you don’t need a prescription when buying the product in store, it is not real HCG.


12. What is HIPAA compliance and why is it important?

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and it is important to your healthcare because it protects your privacy. Both of the companies recommended here are compliant with HIPAA regulations, meaning your private details are secure and you can enact your right to access your medical records at any time.


Make an Informed Choice

By now you should have the information that will help you make an informed choice about where to purchase your HCG shots. Ready to get started?

 US HCG Injections My Diet Doc

Please note: I am not a medical professional and the information given here should not be considered to be medical advice. You should always consult with a healthcare professional before starting the HCG protocol.